15th Anniversary Celebration Logo Released

2022-03-24 16:25

15 years ago in 2007, a group of people made a decision to establish a company with their passion & love. In 2022, we are soon 15 years old in May. For a person, 15 years old means fearless and at her best age; for a company, 15 years old means ready to another level.

During the past 15 years: from "新成生物"to Xincheng Biological (Diacegene), total assets from 8 million to 380 million, from a 200 m² factory to a 24,000 m² industry zone, from a 7 start-up team to over 350 elite team, from only reagents production to Medical Instruments & Reagents double-engine, from only Biochemistry factory to combine Biochemistry, Immunoflourescent, POCT production lines, from single “Product’ to ‘Product + Service’ …… All along the way, we step by step to here, our story is ordinary but exciting.

Extraordinary 15 years, extraordinaryXincheng people, we are using our own way to write our own youth, recording the unforgettable 2022.

Let’s charge to the future!